Sunday, 18th March, 2018

People arrested for accepting bribes from cops

09, Dec 2013 By Saud Bhoira

Generally, it does not go beyond the typical story; but the events that unfolded on Sunday took a different turn.

Stop this guy, he is wearing helmet.

First, a biker scanned the area before breaking a signal. A cop popped out from his hiding place behind an old tree and rushed towards the biker. The cop scanned the area, and accepted a bribe of Rs. 100. As soon as he did that, a guy popped out of another tree and rushed to the scene. He claimed to have clicked pictures of the cop accepting the bribe, and threatened the cop that he’d have to shell out Rs. 500 if he did not want the photos to be published. No big deal this far, but what happened next astounded everyone. Members of the recently formed Anti-Corruption Party of India showed up the scene, and demanded Rs. 1000 from all the people involved if they did not want to be arrested. The cop refused to pay further, following which the police were called and they decided to arrest everyone present in the matter except the cop considering it was too boring to investigate.

The incident was related by a popular author, who was present at the signal trying to sell copies of his latest book.

The issue of corruption has been strenuous for long, and not much action has been taken since the Chairman of The Anti-Corruption Committee was arrested for bribing court officials to register his organization first, before registering the Bharat Corruption Forum.

A cop on the condition of anonymity has said, ‘we incur a lot of losses due to corrupt people. Many of these people come from good families and demand higher bribes. We end up losing about Rs. 500 each time we are photographed while we get only Rs. 100 from traffic violators.’