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Peddler caught near boys hostel of Engineering College, 10 Kgs of Maggi Noodles seized.

05, Jun 2015 By pareshanatma

It was a rare incidence when police patrolling the area near a boys hostel of an engineering college caught a peddler selling packets of Maggi noodles to engineering students. Along with it, pouches of marijuana and cocaine were also seized.

It was around 10 p.m. when Ghooskhor Chaudhary, SP was patrolling in his area when he found a guy passing yellow packets through the hostel gate to few students. Ghooskhor knew at once what it was, and chased the peddler into submission.

“I have caught many selling marijuana and ganja, but this excites me. I am surely going to get promoted this time,” said Ghooskhor in his interview with our journalist pareshan atma.

“These may look yellow and harmless, but these have destroyed many young people. I highly recommend students to stay away from it. Intead go for healthier options, like alcohol and cigarette,” said the spokesperson of police.

“This Maggi menace needs to be fought tooth and nails,” said a concerned parent as his child puffed 6th cigarette of the day.

With the police stricter with more raids, it is expected that Maggi menace will soon be a gone danger.