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Pavement dwellers take shelter after Salman's judgement gets suspended

11, May 2015 By johnrj

To avoid the side effects of the party which would follow to celebrate Salman’s judgement suspension, homeless citizens have rushed to nearby shelters and other places to protect themselves from Salman Khan for the next couple of days

“Salman ji got released and I am very sure our justice system must have taken the perfect decision after considering all the valid evidences,” said a homeless man, “But we have to take care of ourselves because I am sure he will be partying for the next couple of weeks”

A worried man thinking what might happen to him in next few days
A worried man thinking what might happen to him in next few days

Reports have suggested that slum dwellers have allowed homeless people to stay in their homes for two or three nights based on how many days Salman is going to party after getting the judgement suspended.

“We don’t know how many days the party is going to last” said a homeless man looking for a 2 day stay in a nearby slum “12 years of this case running and finally he got the justice. I am sure he has struggled the past 12 years to survive with the pain so we don’t know how long this party that proved that he was innocent will continue”

NGOs throughout the country have come to Mumbai to organize the evacuation and relocation of pavement dwellers. Insurance agents have increased their premium rates for slum dwellers due to the probability of them getting run over significantly increasing

“We cannot guarantee how many people may survive over the next few weeks so we will have a special bonus insurance package for slum dwellers only” said an insurance agent “The more closer to celebrity residences, the more security he/she will get”

After the release was made, singer Abhijeet has tweeted about how Salman Khan is single handedly reducing the slum dwellers in the city by making them run away. He has also tweeted that he has been allowed to sing all the songs (both male/female) in Salman’s next movie.