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Patients confused and moved as medical staff in hospitals drape orange robes

30, Nov 2013 By shanti

In a moving decision that will confuse and melt the heart of patients, medical staff in hospitals across the country have decided to done Orange Robes once a Week.

This is said to be a measure coming straight from their hearts to atone for the medical sins committed by some of their colleagues.

They were all moved to action after the recent incident of an orthopedic surgeon from a premier hospital prescribing surgery for a grade 1 injury. This kind of surgery is typically meant for a grade 3 injury. After the incident went viral on social media, the doctor was full of sorrow and repentance, and so were his colleagues.

Medical staffs across hospitals in the country are now moving around with heavy hearts and orange robes once a week. This has made international headlines and medical staff across the world may follow suit.