Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018

Pastures to wipe out bovine peril

07, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  On Friday morning a flock of animals were seen standing on the Cantonment area road. The bull was absolutely there because of the presence of the cows.These stray animals covered three-fourth portion of the road which was dangerous for the passing vehicles. At one time the chances of mishap heightened on account of the animals’ collection one breadth of the road. Anyhow one indigenous carriage driver pushed them away from the middle of the road. That experienced man’s tactics cleared the blocked passage. He used the dread of his stick hunter to remove the dumb animals.

There is no end to the stray animals’ menace on the roads passing through the Circuit House area here. As the road divides into two parts near this government edifice, there requires enough alertness in driving two-wheelers or four-wheelers or other kinds of motors. But the sudden arrival of stray animals spoils the even movement of the traffic. On reaching the Cantt Dwar we find an influx of pigs on garbage dumps. This is another troublesome scene for the road users.

Although the district administration has identified as many as 258 land spots for grazing animals which will be suitably developed as pastures for the cattle. A total of 152 tracts of land has been erected while work continues on 29 spots. There will be raised three-metre wide and two-metre deep trench filled with water around the pastures. One-third part of the land will be covered with grass and other low plants suitable for grazing animals.  A budget of Rs 57 lakh has also been arranged for the pastures.

If the Kanpur Municipal Corporation assigns the task of catching stray animals to its cattle catching squad regularly, the residents would be relieved of this persisting menace in the ongoing rainy season. The ward level Corporators should also lend their cooperation.