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Parsis stage protest march to demand job reservations

19, Jun 2012 By dumb doc

New Delhi. Thousands of people from the Parsi community thronged the Ramlila Maidan to stage a protest march here today.

Chaos reigned all over the place as the venue was filled chock-a-block with the protesters, many of whom came in all the way from Bombay in their own swanky SUVs. The protesters had several demands, chief of which was reservation in the Rajya Sabha for their BPL members.

Mr. Gareeb K Readymoney, the leader of the BPL faction told our correspondent that the Below Parsi Line (BPL) refers to the Rs. 90,000 per month income limit set recently by their Punchayat. A Parsi earning less than that is deemed as a BPL member. “We have gathered here to demand job reservation for our poor BPL members. As an MP they would be automatically entitled to at least one scam a month and that would turn the fortunes for our community”, he told our correspondent.

One Mr. Toomany Carwala, who braved the sweltering Delhi heat in his Mercedes S class sedan, told us about the hefty bank loan he had to take in order to fund the ever rising petrol costs. “Daily expenses have risen to such an extent that it is now almost impossible to fund my family’s basic needs of 5-star dining, exotic holidays, premium liquor, etc in my meagre salary of Rs. 85,000 per month. To top that my uncle bought me another Ferrari last month!”

Several people had to be hospitalized after they had fainted during the protest march. One of them, Mr. Bejan Talli told our correspondent about the incident, “ ye sala Daruwala ne itni pila di ki mujhe wahin letna pada (Mr. Daruwala made me drink so much that I had to lie down there itself)”.

Another demand raised by the community was the appointment of the President of India from their BPL community. “The President’s income used to be a mere Rs. 50,000 and it was increased by 3-folds a few years back only to disqualify the BPL Parsis from occupying the coveted post. This is totally unjust and they should rectify this anomaly ASAP. The President cannot even fund her foreign vacations with her family from her own salary. This only proves that the raise was only in the files and the President continues to get low wages”, said Mr. Badi Badi Fenk.

Experts have predicted a rise in the demand for Parsi grooms after this development. Mr. Dickhed Singh, a Jat from Rohtak in Haryana and a leader of a self-proclaimed Khap said, “I was all ready to behead my daughter with a sickle after I got wind of her affair with a boy from another community. But upon learning that the boy was a Parsi, I feel proud of her decision today!”