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Parliament passes resolution recognizing customer care executives as a separate race

05, Dec 2013 By Darshit Patel

Delhi: The Winter session of the Parliament commenced this Thursday. We media channels, were expecting the usual non-functioning and house disruptions in the assembly.

But we were in for a shock because after the promised Telangana Bill was tabled and debated, the government somehow passed a Privileged Motion recognizing Customer Care Executives as a separate Race. The other bills such as the Lokpal Bill and The Women’s Reservation Bill were put on hold.

Indian Parliament
Parliament where the resolution was passed.

The Government spokesperson after the session said,”We wanted to pass this motion for many years but did not get a chance. Sensing the opportunity today, a member decided to table it and got it passed with overwhelming majority and surprising support from the opposition.”

Sources inside the government however said that the move came as a result of non-refunded and unreasonable deduction of Rs.20 from the talk time of a senior ministry official.

“The deduction was absolutely unreasonable. When I complaint about it to the customer service, he responded saying I had surfed an adult website which according to him, is chargeable. I had surfed the site many times earlier but didn’t get charged! He didn’t even get afraid when I told him I was the Telecom minister but retorted back saying he was Salman Khan. Gosh, I shouldn’t have let the 2G scam happen,” the source added on the condition on anonymity.

The passing of this motion gave in to massive support by the citizens all over the country. “Once, they deducted almost Rs.200 from my balance citing the same reason. Complaining was too of no help as the retarded customer care agent tried sheepishly to explain me the http full form. I told him to shut his dumb mouth up and cough up my refund,” said Raju Rastogi, a Computer Engineer from Pune who is the customer of some ‘Bye-Bye Mocodo’ telecom provider.

“They even charged me for speaking to some Munni on the mobile phone. You tell me, I can’t even talk to a fake girl; then how could I chat with Munni for 1/2 hour,” his friend Farhaan added, who is from the Mech. Engg. Department of the same college.

AAM Party, which is new on the national stage, termed this resolution as a vote-bank politics by the government and the opposition.  “The Government and the Opposition are hand in hand, I tell you. How can you term the customer care agents as Race when they don’t have any brains! The Government must instead provide free Mental check-ups and hope that they don’t ever meet a normal man because this may lead to a Stupidity outbreak which may engulf the whole world,” said the head of the party.

The US president Barack Obama too supported the idea saying that they themselves were considering invading India in a secret operation and make the Customer Care Executives sterile as most of the US companies have outsourced their customer support to India.

The NCW said that this resolution is Sexist because the Women’s Reservation Bill was not tabled. Anna Hazare was upset on not passing of the Lokpal Bill.

Meanwhile, citizens all over the country are planning to party tonight to remember this historic moment.