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Parliament marshals request President to advise house chairpersons to respect their right to work

04, Mar 2014 By trishanku

The President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee has received an unusual petition. It is from the marshals of the two houses of parliament requesting him to issue an ordinance to change the rules of procedure of using their services.

Venting their anguish at the recent happenings in the Parliament they have pointed out that had the hon’ble speaker of Lok Sabha sought their help , they would have taken out the quarreling MPs and restored order in the house.

“The government has spent lacs of rupees to train us to take out erring MPs very respectfully by using wheel chairs and no one can take offence to this. We therefore request the President to issue an ordinance to make it mandatory on the house chairpersons to seek the assistance of the marshals after three disruptions of the house” the petition adds, ending with touching remarks: “This would ensure that business is carried out for most of the time of a session, our democracy doesn’t become a laughing stock of the world, and we are not denied our fundamental right to work which has already affected our health and made us obese .”

It is reliable learnt the the President personally is in agreement with the suggestion of issuing an ordinance. He knows that if the proposal is sent to the parliament, it would never be accepted for a handful of MPs would disrupt the house continuously until the proposal is withdrawn. He has therefore called a meeting of the most senior leaders of various parties to pursuade them to agree to this suggestion.