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Parliament canteen to serve only vegetarian food

16, Nov 2012 By snamboy

Delhi: In an alarming decision taken here on Monday, the Parliament canteen decided to stop serving Non-Vegetarian food. Tulsi Ram the man who ran the canteen for the past two decades said he took the decision after reading his son’s 6th class text book that claimed that Non Vegetarians lie, cheat and commit sec crimes.

Tulsi Ram added that he had been feeling guilty of promoting the already corrupt and immoral politicians to continue lying and cheating with his famous and highly under-priced Chicken Biryani and Chicken Curry.  Though the decision has been welcomed by Aam Admi, he was asked to shut up and sit down.

Politicians meanwhile have been divided over the decision. Nitin Gadkari, voicing his opinion on the Thali that costs him Rs.12.50, said, “I don’t mind the canteen going Vegetarian. It’s the quantity that concerns me.”

Digvijay Singh argued, “How can you call this food vegetarian when I could see RSS’ hand in it?”