Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Parliament - Bill passed for Sex Booths in Delhi

20, Dec 2012 By lallubhai

In an exclusive interview to Faking News,  honorable chief minister Mrs. Sheila Fixit revealed that the bill for sex booths in Delhi was unanimously passed both the houses. She mentioned that it was at their utmost priority to get these make shift sex booths installed in public places.

When asked by Faking News if there was any difference between a PCO booth and sex booth, she promptly replied that sex booth will work exactly like a PCO booth.  You walk to a sex booth and make a payment. Once payment is accepted the door will open and an intimate sex doll will be waiting for you.  Then you step in and she will do the rest. Once you are done with your business you can walk out lighter.

She mentioned that the main idea behind the sex booth is to make sex affordable and convenient; if a need for sex urges, sex booth should be the way (she smiled).  Sex booth is primarily meant for all the desparado’s on the Delhi streets, but even normal people can benefit from it.

Finally while concluding she told that Sex booth was novel concept for Delhi and sex deprived people of Delhi should definitely benefit from it.