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Parappana Agrahara jail to be expanded to entire Karnataka after a prisoner escapes from there

06, Sep 2013 By nandakumar

Following the daring escape of Jaishanker, the notorious psychopath from the Parpana Agrahara Central Prison in Bangalore the State Government constituted a high level Committee to probe this incident and give recommendations to prevent such recurrence.

The Newspapers today have reported that one of the recommendations is to expand the prison premises by acquiring more land around Parpana Agrahara and that the State Home Minister has assured that funds will not be a constraint.

Faking News reporter is now in possession of the full details of the recommendation made by the high level Committee.

The Committee has recommended that the Parpana Agrahara prison be expanded upto the borders of Karnataka State in all directions. Technically the entire State would be a prison campus. Legally there would be no “escapees” if a person moves out from Parpana Agrahara to his house or some other place within Karnataka borders.

The Government can save money spent on providing food, shelter, medical aid etc. to prisoners confined to the premises of various prisons. Policemen and Courts would be spared the burden of charge sheeting, convicting and then sending people to jail for various offences. They have to only issue a letter to the offender that he has been jailed. The offender can move around the State after paying roaming charges as penalty.

This also reduces the tug of war between the Governor and the State Government over the issue of releasing prisoners for good conduct etc. since technically and legally the entire State is a prison and the entire population is in prison and free at the same time. Many techies welcomed this saying that they attend office to escape from their ‘home’; while a few others said that they escape from ‘offices’ to their homes daily. The recommended suggestions would help them by legalizing their daily escapades.

The only sour note was voiced by lawyers who said that they will be deprived of their main business of jailing and bailing.

All the prisoners in various jails in Karnataka have decided to erect a golden statue of Jaishanker. They will collect the gold by snatching it from all citizens in Karnataka. The Gold Statue will be embossed   ‘JAILSHANKER’ to honour Jaishanker for his path breaking efforts and  bringing cheer to all prisoners and making Karnataka a ‘Prison Sans Frontiers’.