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Pandit Tarachand Sharma & Sons posts huge income in recently concluded Shraddh Paksh

25, Sep 2014 By Qais

Jaipur: Pandit Tarachand Sharma & sons posted huge income of INR. 98, 786 in recently concluded Shraddh Paksh. Shraddh Paksh is sixteen days period which is observed annually just before Navartra.

It is said that feeding bhramins and hungry people during this period can result peace and moksha for departed souls. Our correspondent caught up with Mr. Tarachand Sharma, MD & CEO, Pandit Tarachand Sharma & sons. Below is the full interview with Mr. Tarachand himself, also famous as STAR (English for Tara).

Crow eating Shraddh food
Kauve ke bhag se buddha mara

Correspondent: Pandit Ji, namaskaar. First of all congrats on becoming rising business tycoons in the city. You posted great numbers in the tough market period when everyone avoids to purchase new things from market. There is huge cash inflow of money in this sector too.

Pd. Tarachand: Namaskaar. This is the reason I don’t wish to interact with media. You should not focus on the money, it’s going to reach deceased souls ultimately. Moreover no one comes to click a single photo where there is not even a single Katha in the area. But it’s OK, I understand, its human nature. But don’t focus on the money especially on Bramhin’s money.

Correspondent: Who all you would like to share your success with. We all know about this Shraddh Paksh for years but this year had done wonders for you.

Pd. Tarachand: I give due credit to Dati Maharaj from Shani Mandir, Nirmal Baba and all those news and entertainment TV channels who aired and publicized our various Shraddh Packages even in prime time, neglecting oil advertisements. But above all there lies our great customers who believe in us, and their ancestors. Due to them, we are able to earn our living. (He chuckles)

Correspondent: Any royalty sharing with stakeholders?

Pd. Tarachand: In single word- No. There are many reasons but main reason is infinite number of shareholders including many TV channels. Any why we should share our money. No one in the industry does even gives credit.

Correspondent: Pandit Ji you just talked about various packages. Can you brief us on this?

Pd. Tarachand: Sure. We are offering four packages as of now. First is to cover all Shraddhs from a family for a year. Like if you have your grandparents and grand grandparents Shraddh, we will set reminder for you and we will enable you to perform all rituals for your bloods. Second covers your first grandparents leaving out grand grandparents. Third covers father (if any, no extra charge for any number of candidates), grandfather and grand grandfather thus leaving out female. And fourth option provides flexibility allowing customer to select per member charge. We are in discussion with our board and higher management to launch like time services and family services (like family doctors). Also we are exploring the possibilities to club these services with their similar products and services being provided on same platform. We aim to bring everything under single hand. Sabka maalik ek. (He raises his hands towards sky).

Correspondent: How important is this Shraddh Paksh in today’s era?

Pd. Tarachand: See, day by day, Paap is increasing and if we want our departed souls to rest in peace we can do such smaller things. We charge 1000/- per day per person hardly and it is very small cost for such important things. Rest lies on you, as we don’t have any higher limit for donations. If you see it’s another angle, it provides food for poor and animals like cows, dogs and crows.

Correspondent: How do you foresee growth in this field?

Pd. Tarachand: There are enormous possibilities but we need to explore them. We need our youth to take this as challenging carrier and believe me, I don’t find better carrier than this. I mean who can post such numbers, that too with zero investment, full profit and saving food expense for the person who is earning. Dishes which are rare for you at home would be served for us.

Moreover, as you are well aware of, with increasing population, our industry will surely grow. As per latest data received by Central Statistical Organization death rate is going to touch century’s high and we are pleased to raise our profit bar forecast to 1.45 lakhs for next year.

Correspondent: Pandit Ji. One last question. We heard rumors that your IT graduate son from NIT Surat is joining board of companies coming month. Your words.

Pd. Tarachand: I want to clear one thing with your channels medium that this is true and we are not hiding anything. We have already declared dalaal-street on this and there is no difference on board on this topic. We are like a family and everyone is happy to see my son on board. Obviously there is much more money in this and why should not he join this. Infact I would not be surprised if he sets a new trend. Afterall days for IT engineers are never too shiny.

Correspondent: Pandit Ji Dhanyawaad for your precious time. I would not wish for your business growth but will surely wish you best of luck with your new products. (hahaha, both laughs)

Pd. Tarachand: Thanks…

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