Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Pak's another allegation on India: India got bullet train from Big Billion day sale.

28, Sep 2017 By PutinKaNaati

“Pakistan is frustrated over India’s bullet train project, know why…”

A Pak delegate allegedly stated that PM Modi is prime member of an eCommerce website. Thus he got an early deal over bullet train. No cost EMI and 0.1% interest rate.

Also, to divert from this issue Modi brought Japan into middle.  So that no one can ask questions as Japan is a show stopper on various topics for India.

Pak said due to this selfish behavior our leaders are going to take prime membership. For funding this our patriot people will sacrifice their clean drinking water plants, energy plants and some under construction universities.

Meanwhile, Bullet train is showing ‘Out of Stock’ and ‘Out of delivery area for most Pak leaders. Pak blamed that this is another conspiracy against us. As a proof Pak presented a picture of the eCommerce CEO with a cow.