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Pakistan's ISI extends full support to 'India's eminent citizens' calling for abolition of death penalty

29, Jul 2015 By chauhanrohi

The growing clamor in India amongst the eminent citizens, who are also sometimes called ‘elites’, for abolition of death penalty has found an unusual support beyond border from ISI, the Pakistan’s intelligence agency, which is admired among Pakistanis as a hero for it’s continued ‘Jihad’ in neighboring countries India and Afghanistan. The Inter Service Intelligence which primarily provides intelligence to terrorists and protection to ‘most wanted dons’ but part time also responsible for intelligence assessment and national security advice to the Government of Pakistan, has extended full support to them with incentives like remunerations to all those writing columns of India’s leading newspapers and appearing in TV debates in support of abolishing death penalty. It has also assured them of legal and financial supports in filing litigation and writs in Supreme Court for granting mercy to convicts on death rows.

Calling them as ‘Lone Rangers’ in fights for human rights, the ISI has hailed them as champions of human cause, harbinger of new outlook, promoters of justice and fairness and protectors of rights of minorities and above all, the warriors of Allah something that it has itself always stood for and still fights for. “May Allah Tala give them long lasting happiness and riches”, it said in it’s official statement.

“I too appeal the President to accept the mercy petition of Yakub Memon as I need to meet him in person to get into his Character for my upcoming movie! That’s logical. yea?”

Releasing a document before the media containing it’s own exemplary records in protecting the life and rights of some high profile criminals, terrorist and underworld dons, the ISI said, “we have been protecting the rights and interests of some of the world’s most wanted dons and terrorists since 80s. No body sympathizes with them and everybody want them prosecuted. So we give them shelter in our own backyard and ensure that they are safe and sound because if we don’t stand for these vulnerable persons, who else will.”

An eminent jurist Mar Pandey Katju ,who is not new to controversies and doubted by many on how he could become a judge of the Supreme Court said, “it is so heartening to see that our campaign against the outdated practice of capital punishment and efforts in protecting human rights of individuals regardless of their caste, religion and gravity of crime committed by them, is garnering the attention and support not only in India but across the borders too.”

Meanwhile, a popular B town personality Sharamlesh Bhatt who is also in the list of the signatories which boasts of some of the highly acclaimed, self assuming and ‘elitists by living style but calling themselves common man by heart, like the Aam Aadmi Party ‘, in the mercy petition of Yakub Memon submitted to the President, said, “continuing with my grand old habit of taking controversial positions, this time too, with all my boldness and self-appreciating endeavor, I stand to protect the rights and seek justice for a man for whom there is a question of life and death. I am also planning to direct a movie based on the story of Yakub Memon to tell the world about his innocence. Truth must come out. What the the judges have failed to see and the evidences that have been left un- presented in courts, must be shown in the movie. I have got direct access to the suitcase in which Yakub Memon brought all the evidences like the fake passports, video clips, photographs etc from Pakistan before being caught at the Kathmandu Airport. As a part of the movie scene, TADA court will be constituted and it’s proceedings will be shown to ensure transparency and all the relevant evidences in the suitcase will be produced before the court by the defense to prove the innocence of the character of Yakub Memon. We will turn his image from a ‘serial killer’ to a ‘serial kisser’ to prove that he is a love making, caring and passionate person. I think my nephew Emran Hashmi will be the ideal choice for the role of Yakub Memom because, first he is a renowned serial kisser and second, let him grow a short beard all over his cheeks and he will look similar to Yakub Memom”.

In the meantime, hearing all these developments, the self-appointed voice of the Nation, Arnab Goswami has scheduled an intense debate on the Newshour tonight at 9 PM. The guests appearing from Pakistani side will be among the usual 4 to 5 persons that normally come on Times Now to fight with Arnab. Participation of Sharamlesh Bhatt is also expected.

Flamboyant BJP MP, Shakshi Maharaj said on the development, “Ye jo ho raha hai bahut sharam ki baat hai. Wo sabhi log jo Yakub ki mercy ki baat kar rahe hai, ve desh chhod kar Pakistan chale jayen”.

Pasaduddin Oisee said, “I welcome the friendly and benign gesture from the ISI. The support for human rights and justice of minority, regardless from where it comes, must be appreciated to promote the principle of equality and fairness in terms of receiving and appreciating different opinions from diverse source. This confirms the pluralism as a value that we cherish “.