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PAK political party requests Advani to be their next PM Candidate

13, Sep 2013 By riyasiak

A Pakistani political party (name not revealed yet), has requested L.K Advani to become their PM Candidate for next general elections.

By end of the day, it’s chair that matters.

Party spokesperson has sent an official letter to Advani, but Advani is yet to respond back. Sources say there is big change for a positive response, considering BJP is going to declare Narendra Modi as PM candidate.

New is getting mixed reactions in both India and Pakistan.

People of Pakistan came to streets shouting slogans.

“Our country is already unstable and we don’t want that to be changed by a well-established Indian politician or his administrative thoughts. Last thing we need here is communalism, everything else we have enough,” said one of Pakistani news channel.

Congress party is not happy with this news, as this would enhance the chances of Modi in next elections.

BJP party president Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi feel that this could be good decision.

Our reporter got in touch with Rajnath and this is what he told, “We are really concerned about Pakistan and their people. We were already thinking about such an option where we could give more political stabilization to Pakistan. Now that the time came and we feel really happy to see Advani to serve and bring them up.”

“I am game and don’t think Modi would have a different opinion. There are many leaders whom we can consider to outsource to enhance the political culture of Pakistan , and who knows may be in future this would save a lot of military cost at border”.