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Pahlaj Nihalani made the chief of newly formed 'Censor Board of Women Clothing Certification'

08, Jan 2017 By Namit Jain

In the light of recent cases of harassment and molestation in Indian Metropolises, and our intellectual leaders blaming the clothing preferences of women for that, the Government has decided to take some revolutionary steps towards eradicating this problem.

After making James Bond sanskari, will now make Indian Culture sanskari too
After making James Bond sanskari, he will now make Indian Culture sanskari too

Mr Pahlaj Nihalani, the current chairman of Censor Board For Film Certification who has revolutionised the Indian Film Industry by taking it back to the its cultural roots has been handed over the responsibility for the newly formed ‘Censor Board of Women Clothing Certification’ aka ‘CBWCC’.

Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani, who takes pride in the Indian culture and language and prefers using the term ‘Khada Hai’ instead of ‘Hard-On’ has made a statement that certificates will be issued for women wearing different kinds of clothes for work and nightlife that’ll help them assess the magnitude of their safety. He said that the rough draft is ready but he needs to take advise from RSS and Bajrang Dal before finalizing the certification norms.

When asked about details, he said certifications will range from ‘Slut’ to ‘Sanskari’, where the attires that’ll fall in the ‘Slut’ category will be backless one piece dresses which also expose cleavage. While ‘Sanskaari’ will have Salwar Kameez and Dupatta, that’ll cover effectively all the portions of the women’s body that lead to such ungodly circumstances. He said that even Churidar Pajamas won’t be a part of the ‘Sanskari’ category as they bring out the shape of the girl’s legs which lead to ‘Khada Hai’ moment for a lot of our otherwise innocent boys.

More details awaited.