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Owing to rising Salt prices, people in Bihar start using Toothpaste in cooking

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Patna. Rumours regarding shortage of Salt-Supply have pushed up the Salt’s price to as high as Rs. 300 per kilogram in some part of Bihar.

Due to this recent massive rise in the Price of Salt, people of Bihar state have started consuming Toothpaste in place of Salt.

Colgate Active Salt
Toothpaste mein namak

Hamare Toothpaste mein Namak to hai hi. To kyun na hum uska faayda uthaaye?” says Chhabri devi, a housewife from Patna.

So many families’ budget has been adversely affected as the Salt, being the most essential ingredient of every kitchen, has become this much costlier.

According to Jhollget, a renown name in the toothpaste industry, their Passive Salt brand contains 13% of Sodium Chloride. Inspired from this fact shown in TV Advertisements, people have found it as the alternative of Expensive Salt.

“Having meals cooked with use of Toothpaste reduces the risk of Cavities by 90 percent,” says Dr. Dant Todker, a well-known dentist.

People, however, are compromising with the mess of foam taking place in the food, since their money is being saved.

“Clearly this is the conspiracy of Moody to push up the Toothpaste prices,” says CM Wheatish Kumaar.

The Minister of Food and Supply says, “We have decided to declare the Toothpaste under Schedule H, so that people cannot obtain it over the counter without producing Prescription by a registered Medical Practitioner.”

The opposition has condemned this decision.

“Rather than brushing their Teeth, People are gargling with Daal after having meals,” the Civil Surgeon told Faking News about the latest trend.

All the Medical Stores have converted themselves into 24×7 open stores to meet the public demand.