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Overview of situation after poll result day

09, May 2014 By khakshar

With the elections nearly over, many in the media are worried lot. The  results are  slated on May 16th.

The  IPL  does not  seem to be gaining craze due to its full potential has  already been exploited. Add to it the  absence of Srresanth, Guru Damad Mayyappan , Vindhu Dara Singh and occasional appearance of the more famous Damad , the IPL seems doomed though the governing body tried their best in arranging it in safe betting haven.

All these leaves the media especially the Micro Social Media in a tizzy. With less to write or blabber  about  many journalists are contemplating change of profession. The most worried are the so called “Bhakts”. With the discovery of “paid-media” and “paid -tweets” by spell master Ashutosh, the job hopping of “Bhakts” seems difficult. Some of the Bhakts  are eyeing Ad Agencies for writing  jingles , while some more creative are eyeing  writing songs for “Yo Yo Honey Singh” and some more patient are thinking of writing “Saas Bahu scripts’.

The most comfortably  placed are Ashutosh and set of “ aards ” of a particular party who intend to find solace in their favorite past time of “dharnas” , protest and stone pelting.

“Bhakts” of another political party are contemplating selling “Balloons” and “Toffees”. The “Bhakts” of the party which is pipped to grab power are contemplating writing books on managing campaigns and how being them torch bearers helped all the “Vika” to return to India. It should be noted that peace loving “Vokas” had become NRIs  to avoid hype and hoopla.

With reduction in comical and satirical inputs , the editors of Faking News have commissioned the citizen journalist @khakshar to do survey for walls for “Graffiti”.