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Overtime flashes something slyly

28, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Overtime is not obligatory but it is categorically paying. The private workers tilt towards this long-established traditional trend thereby least shy away from working at the fixed time. The completion of eight hours sometimes appears scant for a few workers and that’s why they offer their services for the extra hours. This can be undertaken under some urgent situation. Those white or blue collars workers who find themselves physically fit enough to ably devote additional time in the work feel no qualm in undertaking the overtime formula.

When a few factory workers were kindly asked to speak about their cold experiences of the overtime basically, they very unassumingly made it crystal clear that it is mainly due to their poor financial status or instant requirements they used to simply fall prey to this course. Or else, they would not go behind the fixed eight long hours. On some stage in the life, they need to pay the hefty medical expenses which drive them to kick off the overtime. This is the sign of the life’s actual facts. None can escape from the brunt of price-rise after all. If we negate this reality altogether there comes the light elusive part of this over time.

A volley of questions is often raised: Are those workers working peacefully over time more hard-working or industrious than the normal time workers? Are they work less in usual hours? Do they tend towards earning money additionally? Upon seeking out answers from experts it was learnt will all the uniqueness that such workers were either annoyed with their respective spouses or linked up with someone in the working place. It was because of this very reason they were found to be staying at the office more than the hours fixed under the jurisdiction of the labour department.