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Our innovations are unmatched in the world: Indians tell Narayan Murthy

18, Jul 2015 By Mishtik Journo

Faking News is flooded with responses from lakhs of Indians contesting the statement made by N R Narayana Murthy that India hasn’t done any “earth shattering” innovation in the last 60 years.

“Narayan Murthy may have started it but our innovation has taken outsourcing to new levels altogether. Thousands of candidates outsourced writing of entrance exams to us giving a new dimension to use of Intellectual Arbitrage”, reacted Dr Sharma, the mastermind at Vyapam. He is planning to open an EPO (Examination Process Outsourcing) center in Gurgaon to take the concept global.

Narayan Murthy trying to explain that these are not innovations
Narayan Murthy trying to explain that these are not innovations

Chulbul Pandey, Chartered Accountant and author of immensely popular paper titled ‘Effective Management of Black Money using a chain of discreetly connected Corporates’, countered NRN from Mumbai, “Black Money induced chain reaction in a maze of corporates using Chartered Accountants as catalyst and co-operating officials as coolant is more complex to manage than chain reaction in a nuclear reactor. We have perfected this technology art so well to make it an everyday affair in India. That’s real innovation”

“Indians have innovative answers to even a simple question like ‘how much is 2 plus 2 equal to’, depending upon the situation. A politician and an industrialist together can make 2 and 2 as 22 while a borrower in collaboration with his lending banker can make it zero in no time. A share market operator will first make it 22 and then reduce it to 0.02 therby innovatively transfer huge capital gains from one account to another”, continued Chulbul, “while I can convert 2 and 2 into any number of your choice in your balance sheet for an appropriate fee”, he boasted.

“You have now started keeping data on the cloud and call it innovation? We have always kept bag-fulls of money on cloud, ready to be delivered in cash in any country and in any currency instantly worldwide”, retorted hawala operator Natwarlal to Narayan Murthy, proudly commenting on Indian innovation, “This innovation has made me the biggest Indian multinational having offices in 130 countries and a turnover of $200 billion”