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On Yoga day techie performs Shavasana for 24 hours, reluctantly comes out of it to catch Monday morning office cab

23, Jun 2015 By dasu

Bangalore based techie Kannan had a tough week to meet the project deadlines. Most of the days and nights were spent at office desk, he remained in contact with his roommate Akshay and outside world through WhatsApp only. The week turned out to be good one for Akshay who was happy to use the attached wash room exclusively himself at PG as Kannan was able to manage everything at office.

Kannan was hopeful after project deliveries on Friday, he will get a chance to do yoga with Shilpa Shetty on world yoga day. Instead of making his customary Saturday night visit to a nearby Pub with Akshay, he practiced all the asanas by following videos posted on YouTube. He requested Akshay to wake him up early on Sunday morning so that he can reach Kanteerava stadium on time.

The posture that Akshay got into
The posture that Kannan got into

Akshay tried to wake him up multiple times, but all attempts went in vain. As Kannan was pretty close to shavasana pose, Akshay wanted to fulfill his friend’s wish of doing yoga on international yoga day. He adjusted his legs and hands with minimal effort to make the asana perfect. Akshay was sitting nearby and closely observing Kannan like a yoga Guru will do. He was impressed with the way Kannan was maintaining his posture.

As Akshay had nothing much to do on Sunday without his friend, he remained glued to TV set to see how the ministers and celebrities are doing yoga. He was feeling proud to see his friend doing it better than whatever some of the politicians were doing in front of TV camera.

He was hopeful by lunch time Kannan will come out of the asana so that both can enjoy Ambur biriyani. He was tempted to kick Kannan multiple times after he saw an efficient minister completed yoga in three minutes who knew the value of time. However Akshay controlled himself as being a techie he knew the side effects of night outs and more importantly he felt it would be inhuman on his part to disturb someone doing yoga on such a historic day.

Akshay managed with whatever snacks was available with him and slept thinking this as the worst weekend he had spent in Bangalore in a long long time. As he saw Kannan in same pose on Monday morning, he did not hesitate to kick him. He shouted “Kannan, you might have forgotten after doing such a long session of yoga. One of our top customer is visiting us today and to attend the project kick off meeting, both of us have to catch the 7 AM cab”.

It was a premature and sudden end for Kannan’s shavasana who looked good for another 24 hours. Faking News wish both of them all the best for their new project work and hope they will get a chance to work on something new and exciting!