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On the lines of Gross Antilia Product (GAP)

16, Sep 2012 By nirmal240

Nita Ambani – WIFE OF Mukesh Amnbani – recently, disclosed a closely held secret with the reporters that Antilla is the only house they have in this world and before that we were staying in a rented apartment in dingy suburbs of Mumbai. The Great Ambanis refused to move in Antilia even 1 year after its completion because Nirmal Baba had asked them to shift to the new house only with a white-body-brown-tail German Shepard dog and feed him with Parle – G biscuits and samosa daily – a panacea – doctors in India prescribe for Bronchitis and Tuberculosis alike when they don’t have medicines in government subsidized shops. Despite their best efforts, The Great Ambanis failed to find one and decided to give in to children’s demand to shift at the earliest.

Ever since the building kissed the skyline of Mumbai, it has been centre of attraction for media and common people alike. Some nature photographers have even captured children peeping out of this grand building – a rare spectacle that only a very few laborious photographers manage to capture after their long stints in front of the building. Though Nita Ambani accused photographers of wearing a strange outfit and claimed children were just too curious to discover “Jadoo” – extra- terrestrial specie in famous Hindi movie.

There is a parallel economy going on inside this 27 – floor building. Separate companies are formed for laundering, cooking etc. inside the building and their daily incomes are more than GDPs of several poor African countries taken together. Ah, now this GDP is a touchy issue with Indians. In fact, some serious journalists from India TV have informed that government is going to do away with Gross Domestic Product and introduce concept of Gross Antilla Product (GAP) as it failed to lift the former, despite repeated attempts by its ministers to raise their incomes.

News sources also reported that the elder brother struck a deal with the younger brother to keep mobile connections of RCom down after every episode of Satyamev Jayte so that people could not send SMSs to donate money and “Reliance Foundation“ would not have to donate any matching amount. Anil innocently informed Mukesh that RCom’s mobile connection was anyway very poor and there was no cause of concern about SMSs delivery on time. He said that his own ‘i-love-u’ msg to Tina Ambai was delivered only once they got married. Anil claimed that it was intended to be so to avert wrath of Shiv-Sainiks. Though Anil, grudgingly, pointed out the apathy of his elder brother towards his repeated requests to bail out his companies – R-Power and R-Comm for quite some time.