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On-site bound engineer gets multiple marriage proposals after flaunting his fancy English

07, Aug 2014 By Agnel

In a bizarre incident – a US bound engineer Rakesh was flooded with marriage proposals after he spoke his heart out through his profile on Bharat Matrimony penned in his immaculate English.

His post read

“I am an unmarried n looking for very good everlasting love n friend through Life time of many lifes.

I am a outgoing , bold and always cheerful person. I am very confident and always looking ahead to learn new things in life. BOLD, TOLD, SOLD and not OLD!

I strongly believe that EXCITEMENT is the Key to Marriage. !!! I always have the HIGH.

A Human Being when Excited in Mind & Body with a certain GOAL can accomplish anything even without a SOUL!!!

I am avid reader & I got my own Library Card!!!

Big time animal lover as I am non-veg and Am also a good chef.!!! I like plants in the same way TOO!!! I was  best in Biology in school time.

Like to hang with good OLD friends and have a good time even during free hours. Playing Chess, Listening to Music (Old Indian songs or some English Music SONGS ) , travelling to new places and Meeting New People are my key area of interest, that will never lock!!!

I like to wear Modern colorful dresses with perfumed deodorants. Prefer White Color most of the time as you may know white is color also!!!

I believe that — Best companions in Life always comes in disguise. !!! Not like wolf disguise but real disguise.

About Me:

I always make it a point to come back home on time even when I go late daily. My manager can vouch for that…

I never forget the important days that matter for my family.

I am professionally trained at appreciating food even if it’s not good.

I don’t snore.

I will love to visualize you so please accept all my proposals.

PS: Only good friend can be good wife and life so all please be friend first & I also respect the need for some level of personal space or freedom of choice even after marriage.

Very Important:  If our families likes each other then we can do process further.”

-End of Post-

It is rumored that his inbox is now flooded with proposals and he is even considering not going on-site given his recently earned popularity.

Good Luck Rakesh!!!