Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

On Rabridevi’s advice Laluji to contest for the President of India

22, Jun 2012 By Pratt

Amidst all political speculations going on for the next president of India, Lalu Prasad Yadav the former CM of Bihar declared himself a candidate for the post of the president of India.

In conversation with FN correspondent, Shri Yadav said that after seeing no considerable candidate contesting for the president of India. He has decided to stand for the president on the sincere advice of her wife Shrimati Rabridevi, who was very keen on becoming the first lady of the country, she said “I was never able to get good marks in school & pass classes easily, it would be great to become the first topper of the whole country.”

When Laluji was asked how will he get ample support to win the election, he replied ” I had a talk with Pranab da and he said he only wanted to become the prez so that he can live in the biggest house the Rashtrapati Bhawan and when I said that on becoming the prez I will always let him live in the Bhawan, he readily agreed to let me stand for the post in place of him” he further added, “I am in continuous talks with Sonia Madam & Rahul Baba. They have also permitted me to contest the polls. Mulayam bhai has also agreed to support me in return for 500 cows & 500 buffaloes. Negotiations are on with other parties also.”

Our correspondent questioned him about his involvement in Chara Ghotala (Fodder Scam), he refused that it was a scam and replied very coolly “It was not a scam, I just took some fodder to feed the animals at my home, the media created the hype that it was a big scam” and he further refused the chances of such problems after he took over as the prez by saying, “Once I would be in the Rashtrapati Bhawan, the required fodder for my animals could be easily gathered from the huge gardens of the Bhawan”.