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Olypic Games organisers in trouble, China and Bappi Lahiri offer way out

16, Sep 2012 By nishant_88

In an unexpected turn of events, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has fallen short of gold required to prepare the medals to be given to the winners of various events. It has been learnt that enough gold will be required to make as many as 18 more medals. This has left the organising committee in a fix as such an event has never occurred before in the history of the games.

Jacques Rogge, president of the IOC, told reporters that the organisers had asked for proposals and had short listed two of the proposals. “We hadn’t kept aside any funds for such an event and hence had to short list the two cheapest proposals among the numerous ones we had received. One of them is from a certain Bappi Lahiri and one from China. However, the proposals are not straight forward ones and so we would need to discuss this before choosing one” added Rogge.

On being asked about the details, a senior official of the organising committee replied, “The Chinese proposal is the cheapest one in terms of price. But the proposal said that the material they would provide would be as close to gold as one can possible get. We are not quite sure what that statement implies and so we have sought clarification for the same. As for Bappi Lahiri’s proposal, he is ready to give us as much gold as required free of cost.” On being asked why this proposal is not being accepted straightaway, the official replied, “Well in return Mr. Lahiri want us to give him the world record for the 110m hurdles. He has apparently achieved a time of 10.8 secs in the event in a google doodle, which is 2 seconds better than the current record of 12.87 seconds. He even sent us a screenshot as proof. The organisers will soon be meeting to decide the future course of action.”

Our contacting Bappi Da’s residence, our reporters learnt that he had recently undergone surgery on his fingers. Bappi Da was unavailable for any comment but his son Bappa said, “Yes he did have to really slog it out to achieve that result. On our part we ensured that he kept taking in enough fluids. The surgery went well and he’s fine now. We also need to fix our keyboard. But as they say, no pain, no gain!!!” Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee has publicly declared her support for Bappi Da. “This is not only a victory for Bappi Da, this is a victory for the people of Bengal!!! We will make sure that he gets the world record”, she remarked.