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Old habits die hard, techie unmarried for years surviving on roti-curry demands the same on his wedding reception

01, Jul 2015 By anuj

Bangalore. City based techie Sachin Walia who is unmarried from childhood will get a chance marry someone this summer. Being a bachelor he is quite content with his life. He is happy that during his bachelorhood he has all the essential items a techie needs like 3G data connection, super fast Wi-Fi network, office laptop, ten by ten room with cauvery or bore well some water connection. Last but not the least some nearby darshinis to take a quick bite whenever there is a need.

Being a pure vegetarian, Sachin’s father instructed him to have meals only at darshinis. Once out of college he loved the hot idly-vada-sambar for breakfast and his favorite roti-curry for lunch and dinner.

He denied all such food
He denied all such food

Faking news spoke to Sachin to know more about him and his first love, the roti-curry. He sais, “See, it’s not like I am eating roti-curry from my mother’s womb. First time I got a taste of it when my friend Ajith Karnik threw a party at roti mandir after he topped the class in PU exam. But never imagined this is something I would love to eat every day.”

Sachin added, “With extremely hectic life and traffic jam in Bangalore, this is something which you can have quickly on the go and it is available in all corners of the city. I would have eaten in more than 100 darshinis, everywhere the tandoori roti tastes the same as if all the cooks have taken training from same cooking academy. You will not believe this, I met my fiancee first time in a darshini when she was standing in a queue to order roti-curry.”

After few meetings Sachin was glad to notice she was quite mature beyond her age to understand his need and through YouTube she learnt in no time how to prepare tandoor roti at home. He is equally impressed with his perspective in-laws who are ready to call the master roti-curry maker Vasudev Adiga to prepare the dish only for him on his wedding reception day.

Sachin was quite philosophical while speaking to us. “In life as I moved on I was forced to make new friends, have to upgrade myself to have cold coffee from hot tea, from worshipping cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar to disliking someone like Kohli. I have to maintain some relationships forever which have stood with me when I was without job, when my salary was low. That’s why I will never quit eating roti-curry.”

When Faking News inquired as he has upgraded his movie watching experience from single screen to multiplex, is there a chance that he could upgrade his choice to naan-curry or kulcha-curry in near future, Sachin categorically retorted “ No Way! Like my master Sachin Tendulkar’s heart beats only for Mumbai, I will remain loyal to roti-curry forever.”