Friday, 23rd February, 2018

Observable facts rule over free will

16, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Things generally move and change only in order to give us quick look at the weird condition that does not appear to be changing at all. If we talk about the construction of toilet in every home in order to secure woman’s modesty, why is a schoolgirl on her way home after Independence Day function molested in the park?  This horror happened days after Chandigarh women organised a peaceful candle-light rally asserting their lawful right on the public sites as well as spaces without having least concern over their personal safety.

This incident might be taken as belittling of the social or moral standards and denigration of liberty herewith. Such impression has seeped into an atmosphere of the time. This kind of occurrences had been happening since the days immemorial but what is the very vehemence of calling ourselves civilised when it is still getting fleeting glimpses. As the report goes quoting the police version, the minor girl was reportedly returning home after completion of the I-Day function at her school in Chandigarh. In the way, she was forcibly stopped by a man and later pulled her into the Traffic Children’s Park coming under Sector 23 area in Chandigarh.

When the deeply frightened girl narrated her woeful story to the family, the police was contacted for needful action against the wrongful restraint. It is not a tale but the actual incident. It is the sign of a real sense of fleetingness and fragility; it implies that the woman’s existence is only an impression, and, not sheer a graceful existence. We have no instinct of anything ultimate and enduring behind such kind of ignoble episodes. The life itself turns here into an uncommonly short story. So, we find ourselves faced with a basic contrast between what is called the law and what is called the police.