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NRI student studying in USA shocked after seeing an American student in his university

31, Jan 2014 By chaitu

23 year old NRI student Pavan who is studying in Nakkadwale International University(NIU) had reportedly fainted after seeing an American student(girl) in his university.

A fake image on college website.
A fake image on Pavan’s college website.

Pavan was admitted to a local hospital and is reported to be recovering from this biggest shock.  FN correspondent Chaitu tried to talk to Pavan over Skype.

Pavan said, “Man, out of 20 students who took computer science, 19 are from India and there is this other guy from China. I always get a feeling that I am studying in some engineering college in India. I was always afraid of talking to girls and that too after seeing an American girl, I couldn’t take it anymore. I am equally excited an surprised to see an American just as I was in India. After seeing all this, how do you expect me to react after find an American student in my university?” questioned furious Pavan.

FN tried to contact other students of Pavan’s university. As it was snowing continuously for the past 48 hours, most of the girls were busy taking pictures in the snowfall while posing duck faces. While few girls posted on Pavan’s FB wall with the sad selfie they had taken and with a message which is “While you’re resting and recovering, we pray for a smooth and quick recovery. Get well and come back soon. We miss your lively presence” . Those girls hardly know Pavan and they’ve never talked to him but all of those pics got not less than 100 likes each. While on the other hands boys were both disappointed and jealous after Pavan got to see an American girl. One of his room mate said, “That lucky fellow got to see a white girl after all”.

Later those boys divided into groups to find that American girl. FN managed to talk to an expert Pradeep, who despite being an alumni of BITS(Bakchodi Institute of Technology and Science), went to USA to answer his true calling.

While FN questioned Pradeep on reason behind this rage among the Indians to study in USA, Pradeep answered, “USA to People in India is like Mecca to Muslims or Kashi to Hindus. We consider our life wasted if we don’t visit USA at least once. And most of the times our Sins of not studying in prestigious institutes like IIT’s will be forgiven once the NRI tag is assigned to us. Apart from that, Our parents take pride in the gifts we send by showing off those gifts in the family gatherings and our Kids will be given special status in our families no matter how stupid or annoying they are. Most important of all, during our marriages, we will be auctioned for a higher price than what Sir Ravindra Jadeja manages in IPL’s bidding.”

After this interview, even our reporter Chaitu has decided to go to USA.