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NRI loses his USA Citizenship after he fails to have the attitude of converting Dollars into Rupees

12, Jun 2014 By chaitu

A 32 year old NRI Videsh lost his American citizenship after he failed to have the attitude of converting his every expense in USA to Indian rupees.

Despite multiple warnings from the officials, Videsh failed to change his attitude, because of which he lost his US citizenship.

FN managed to talk to one of the officials behind this, but he denied to talk to us.  Reports say he used “Uncool attitude for an Indian” while sacking his citizenship.

FN managed to talk to one of his friends Bharat, who revealed of lot of incidents which could have provoked the USA government to take this furious decision. Bharat said, “It all started 12 years ago when we came to USA for the first time in the year 2002. I still remember Videsh took an Abercrombie and Fitch tee for the first time. While we were busy converting our prices of tee shirts into Indian rupees and searching for the cheapest one, Videsh had already billed it. I still remember it costed 79$ which is approximately 4800 now and 3200 those days.”

Indian rupees
You need to convert dollar to rupee.

Bharat recalled other incident when they went to Star Bucks, Bharat said “We never have coffee in Starbucks. You know Coffee costs almost 300(5$ app) now and 200 those days(considering dollar rate 10 years ago) and he used to drink coffee almost daily. He used to spend 18000 rupees alone on Coffee and what do you expect from him? “.

He even claims Videsh failed to add value to the gifts they bring to Indian during their tour. “When he takes a 10$ gift to someone, he never says 600 but 10$’s instead. Who does that after being an NRI?” questioned furious Bharat.

Parekh who is one of Videsh’s room mate during Master’s alleged Videsh for not calling his home in India after visiting an Indian store in USA and knowing the price of the product. He said “Even though the price of the product was less in India, he never got anything couriered from India. True NRI never does that”. He even recollects that Videsh added his profile to matrimonial site and didn’t convert his Salary to Indian rupees.

He said, “The beauty of being an NRI is that you tend to earn more than an IITian when you convert the salary into Indian rupees, that always gives us strange satisfaction. I Remember few families mistook his salary of 6000$ to 6000Rs and didn’t even consider his profile in matrimony but lucky for him that he found a girl at last”

After alleged to have “Uncool attitude for an NRI”,  insiders claim that Videsh pleaded the Government of USA to consider his request by giving him another chance. Insiders claim he promised to get rice bags couriered from India though it comes at a cheaper price in USA.

He also promised to calculate the cost of Watching Indian movies in the Indian currency rather than Dollar’s and also promised to maintain an excel sheet to track his daily expenses in terms of rupees. Even though the officials aren’t sure about accepting Videsh’s plea, this comes as an eye opener to all the Indians who are soon planning to go to USA.