Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Now we get foolproof proof of bihar high growth rate.

16, Sep 2012 By schandrabhanu

in remote district of forbeesgunj in bihar a woman sell her child for as less as rs 62. nitish government minister has termed the incident indecent and accused the mother as indecent womenl who sell her child( not withstanding the plight of her poorness). today at delhi anand vihar station 39 poor childrens were rescued who were brounght here for selling them at dirt cheap rate at NCR. rs 62 is less than the price of 1 litre petrol. In this era of high inflation this can be indeed called a great achievement of vikash purush Nitish kumar.he has indeed made mandatory things very cheap. see slashing price of petrol is not in his hand . though some critics complain that instead of criticising UPA he shoud have lowered VAT on petrol in state. but what is in his hand he has come clean. he has made cost of aquiring child really affordable for even a beggar. now we understand that with bihar having no industry in his 7.5 good governance( Sushans) . Some of illetrate people calls it kushashan. How bihar achieved word record growth (16.5%).5% more than gujarat. some illetrate critics complain that he fudges data like he did it as his railway minister tenure. like pranav mukherjee did it to industrial growth rate. they forcily try to let us understand that on one hand there is not a single industry,factory even a match factory and other hand U boast of 16.5% growth.this is not real but poor fellow they didnt understand that nitish kumar the development man has eastablished selling childrens due to acute poverty a cottage industry in bihar. due to its vast network of this cottage industry production is so high that the product that is children has become so cheap you can compare it to china. where due to high production every products has become cheap so that they export in abundance our mr development chief minister has very gland plan of exporting childrens. why not if it is being exported to delhi, freind narendra modi gujrat then why not out of india. it will reverse balance of payment in indias nitish will be boon not only to bihar but india also. hands up for this real development nitish kumar kudos cheers