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Now residents of Dharavi demand statehood

08, Jun 2014 By pradeepsarkkar

Less than a week after the 29th state of India was formed, protests have erupted in several parts of the country demanding statehood.

Prominent and largest among these protests was the demand for separate state of Dharavi. Situated in Mumbai, Dharavi is one of the largest slums in the world. Believed to be founded during the British era, Dharavi comprises of mostly migrant workers from across the country who settled there.

Muthu Swami Goundar popularly known as M.S.G, the leader of Dharavi Rajya Samiti was heard saying on national televison “Unko diya toh humko kyun nahi? Just look at Dharavi’s economy. We have an annual turnover of more than US$500 million by exporting goods such as leather, textiles and potty products all over the world”.

On being asked by the news reporter whether he intended to say pottery products instead of potty an amused M.S.G said “Oh yes.That’s what I meant. Yet we don’t even have proper toilets. It is just one toilet for every 2000 people here. Enough is enough. How long do you think a person can hold it in the morning? said an agitated M.S.G.

Environmentalists have long been pointing out that Mithi (meaning sweet in Hindi), a local river which passes through Dharavi has turned salty as it is widely used by local residents for relieving themselves.

Upon being told that Telengana was granted statehood after decades of struggles, he replied with a grin on his face “So what? We don’t mind if takes 20 years. I am just 27 years old now. I don’t mind becoming the chief minister around the age of 50″.