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Now Pappu is officially passed

27, Mar 2015 By Zaid Arif

Pappu is on cloud nine today and constantly singing the Bollywood song “Aaj mai upar aasma niche…”  The reason is Pappu is now having a degree from the prestigious Facebook University of California, United States of America. The icing on the cake is his aggregate mark which crossed the previous Everest height of 40%.

“Usually, my score ranged between 33 to 40% during school days. But this time my hardwork has paidoff and I succeeded in securing 89%,” claims Pappu while widening his chest to show off the hidden potential. “I worked day in and day out to achieve this success. I separated myself in between four walls of my room, spent money on internet recharge instead of wasting the same on dinner and lunches, remained sleepless for nights in a row and took interest in the posts of every celebrity and hit like on their pictures,” says Pappu elaborating his success story.

Pappu's Score Card
Pappu’s Score Card

He further continues, “It was not that easy to steel the spot light in a university where billions of hardworking, enthusiastic and committed students are struggling. When I got admission in this university, I devoted every moment of my life for it and concentrated completely on my studies. My friends started calling me (face) bookworm. But I never paid heed to their comments as I was up to a great job and, look, finally, I’m in.”

Pappu did not think it fair to give this good news to his parents over telephone and arranged Premium Tatkal Tickets for home. He is damn sure that his parents will outburst with joy after listening to this good news. As per Pappu’s version, his parents would throw a grand party to celebrate their son’s success. He is reported to have been carrying his original copy of mark sheet all the time.

Pappu’s success story is full of inspiration. A close friend of him, preferring being anonymous, says that when Pappu started sharing or rather copy-pasting (his) thoughts he hardly invited any Like or Comment. Then he played a card and announced among his friends to give a cup of tea for every Like / Comment they would hit on his Post or Image. Suddenly, he was inundated with Likes and Comments. Now, after each post, he makes a call to his friends or leaves a message in WhatsApp group asking them to hit a Like against a cup of tea. He also gives special Biryani offers for all regular Likers.

After this historical success, Pappu is now thinking to make his career in the same Facebook University. “I’ve taken a lot from this. Now is the time to return the same with interest,” states the loyal Pappu. He has been seen inspiring common people to take admission (join) in this Facebook University and use it for different social awareness programs. If his friends are to be believed, Pappu is asking common people to share their grievances through this media. He has already created different groups for different purposes and very actively monitors all of them. As the number of actual Liker is increasing, Pappu is now thinking of withdrawing from his earlier promise of a cup of tea for every Like.