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Now Odd-Even formula to be applied to Aadhaar numbers too

31, Dec 2015 By Mukesh Kamath

New Delhi. An elaborate scheme of de-cluttering the public welfare machinery has just been deliberated upon. The innovative Odd-Even rule introduced by the Delhi government has impressed the center so much that it has seen it as a silver bullet that can solve many problems. In pursuit of the Digital India mission the government has veered to the idea of using the Odd-Even formula on Aadhaar numbers too.

Such queues won't be seen once the odd-even formula is applied
Such queues won’t be seen once the odd-even formula is applied

It must be mentioned that consequent to the linking of Aadhaar numbers with ration cards and their ongoing use in PDS, long queues have formed outside ration shops with people awaiting their turn to fingerprint and receive rations.

Someone in the administration looking at the queues jokingly suggested application of the Odd-Even rule on Aadhaar number of citizens. Apparently the joke got circulated and reached the prime minister who liked it so much that he called a meeting immediately. Senior cabinet colleagues including the Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution minister were part of the meeting. It was decided that the problem of long queues may go out of hand and imperil the Digital India dream if nothing was done.

Hence a scheme of serving odd numbered people in ration shops on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and even numbered people on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays has been finalized.

Experts have pointed out certain flaws in the idea. Majority are of the opinion that the problem will be halved but considering large number beneficiaries will do doing little to mitigate the long queue problem. They also opined that people who cannot memorize their 12 digit Aadhaar number may not remember the last digit and hence turn up on the wrong day. This would cause unnecessary hardships.

Despite the objections the government is unlikely to yield as it sees this as the only way out of the impasse.