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Now Honey Singh and Rahul Baba claim their places in text books

29, Apr 2017 By Pankaj Gaur

Following the recent decision of DU to include Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone in the undergraduate curriculum, other contemporary artists and statesman have staked their claims to places in academic domain. The foremost of them is Honey Singh. “People often say Honey Singh is to music what Chetan Bhagat is to literature. Now would be a good time to prove it”, he says. Honey Singh wants his music to be available as an optional course for students of all streams. “Bhut-bhavishya se dartii kyu, bhed bhav kartii kyu (why scare from the fate, why discriminate)”, he raps.

Chetan Bhagat with his syllabus
Chetan Bhagat with his syllabus

The course had been planned completely by him and it shall be an exhaustive introduction to music making. It will encompass different phases from lyrics writing to vocal tuning. It will also include special inputs from the others artist Honey  Singh has collaborated with. The final exam shall have both written and verbal parts. He says he has even created some parts of the question papers, his favorite being filling the asterisked letter to complete the lyrics. However the education board remains skeptical about the aptness of course content.

Another person whose name is being dubbed to enter academic section is Rahul baba. Although he was not available for immediate comments as he is on a post-vacation vacation, his party members confirmed his intent. He has played the most important role in changing the face of Indian politics, regardless of what Amit Shah may claim. His course would be more mature, as it would be a mandatory course in final year for politics grad students. Other non-serious students have been advised to abstain from even applying to the course. One major reason cited for this is the rumors that Arnab Goswami would conduct the final viva exam. Thereafter if any student manages to pass, it will serve to be a perfect example where student will have bettered the master.

The education board is making no hurries in its decision and wants to analyze all relevant factors to prevent any future debacle. Last year they had agreed to start Baba Ramdev aasans, an advanced yoga course. However when Baba Ramdev took the viva, the course instructor himself failed in the exam. The students had to enroll in Patanjali’s Distance Learning Program to get good grades in supplementary papers. The board will be looking to avoid any such future incidents.