Friday, 20th April, 2018

Note ban's positive & negative faces

09, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Demonetisation’s real picture has emerged with the appearance of the One currency note in the denomination of rupees two thousand with a tape in the middle and half printed— with half of the note just a piece of blank white paper. This odd note came out after the customer’s withdrawal of the currency notes from the automatic teller machine. Just as this invalid note was half white paper and half pink paper, the upshot of the demonetisation remained positive and negative in one time-consuming year.

Despite the completion of the twelve months of this historic decision, there are prevailing two distinct views. One thinking is that it is a good move for our economy. The hydra-headed monster of the black money has been condensed and use of paperless transaction has increased. However, the critics are not accepting the sudden move as encouraging. They have even equated it with the emergency. One journalist during the course of discussion on the television channel pointed out when he asked the vegetable dealer to accept the payment through the Paytm he denied. When enquired of the payment receipt he further expressed denial, the dealer was bent upon oral dealing.

It cleared the fact that there was a scant expansion of the paperless currency. While another participant in the capacity of the Vyapar Sangh office-bearer told that the traders were still not educated enough to pick up the advanced mode of transactions. However, he was suggested by the programme anchor to follow the new changes, he countered how could one grasp high school level learning in absence of lower level schooling. Undeniably, the journalist was correct in supporting the families whose members had died owing to the note ban. He suggested the politicians to at least go to those affected houses in order to know their well-being.