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Not used to getting holidays, IT employee breaks into office to do work on Eid

30, Jul 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore. A 26 year old IT worker was found running inside the closed campus of his company with a bottle of Pepsi and three slices of stale pizza during the early hours of Tuesday morning. When caught by the security he broke down in tears on how he had to work because he had no idea what to do at home during the holiday.

Working Employee
At peace after breaking in.

“He seemed to be in his senses but he became very afraid when we asked him to leave the campus since it was a public holiday,” said the security guard who caught him.

After half an hour of making him sit in his workstation to calm down, he finally informed on how he had nothing to do during the holiday so working sounded more fun.

“I work 16 hours per day and I go home and sleep after that. Already Saturday and Sunday seems like a huge burden but one more day? Ridiculous,” said the young employee who did not want his name to be revealed.

When asked him if he has a girlfriend to whom they can contact to pick him up, he instantly burst out in laughter and started staring at his computer screen with a dreamy look on his face.

His roommate was informed and was requested to come pick him up. The IT worker still refused to leave his workstation till his roommate informed that he still has some bottles of rum left for him to spend the holiday in peace.