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Not to be left behind, Air India passengers offload pilot

18, Sep 2014 By jeeves

Mumbai. In an ironic turn of events inspired by their Pakistani counterparts, who heroically offloaded an ex VVIP Rehman Malik for delaying the flight by 2 hours, Indian passengers decided not to be left far behind.


Mr. Derdas, a senior Air India pilot, who incidentally also practices as your neighbourhood clairvoyant, turned up late at the airport by a few hours. Luckily for him and credit to his seeing skills the flight was also delayed due to “operational reason” bearing testimony to AI’s seamless operational management skills.

But passengers refused to accept that argument and decided to teach him a lesson. They colluded with the Airport Feeder bus driver, an ex-Mumbai auto driver. When Mr. Derdas eventually did turn up the bus driver refused to take him to flight claiming he did not find any return passengers from flights which were departing. Delighted at their astounding success passengers made multiple You Tube videos of the event, delaying the flight by a few more hours.

In an official statement Air India has claimed the de-boarding of the pilot did not have any impact on the flight’s schedule. “We have been proactively preparing for exactly such an event and our in-flight-staff has received extensive on the job training to cater to such an eventuality.”

The cabin-crew of the aircraft therefore took responsibility to auto-pilot the plane to destination. Appreciating the initiative another popular Pilot was quoted as saying, “As you would know from the by-elections in Rajasthan, leadership of Mr. R Gandhi has been vindicated.  We are pleased to note that Air India has proactively started Women Empowerment and giving the chance to youth. They have even been inspired by congress and not let things like qualification, past performance or even elementary training come in the way of people leading from the front (of the plane)”.