Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Not just Biryani, Kicchdi is relished too

03, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Several would bind to think over the exclusion of popular Biryani from the World Food India event with the similar tint as the poor’s Kicchdi has been provided with a distinctive place for the occasion. What is a good thing about the three-day event is its service to the sixty thousand orphans? It can’t be a national dish. It is cleared. It has been added for only record entry. Living with this fundamental food gives a sense of lifetime self-esteem as it is savoured and loved by one and all. Who dared to hate this common man’s intake on any occasion though we generally eat it on our bad health?

It does not a taste of stranger’s dish. In this kind of dish, every flavour remains available in balanced quantity. That’s why it is closely associated with the indigenous famed slogan of unity in diversity. Just as every ingredient gets mixed into its complete concoction, our people’s attitudes mingle with every different blend. Everything so fresh and strong was never making messes. Its refined version is Biryani available on every corner. It is advanced though not a new edition. If one item used to have been poor man’s diet the second thing reigned on the rich man’s table.

Now, it is comfortably relished everywhere. It has been upgraded as every city’s important serving dish. If a guest is served with this sort of veg or non-veg food the visitor realises his treatment done in the spirit of Atithi Devata Bhav. The host’s value heightens if the item order has been placed from the area’s posh food court. If the guest is served with the ‘K’ despite all the tags of the healthiest prepared food, there is sure to come up different weird feelings in the guest’s minds. This is the difference between the two varied foods.