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Non-stop power supply is a mirage

03, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: City’s electricity supply runs through as many as 443 feeders which have according to a report faced tripping 14564 times in the past one month. Decrepit supply system has not come up to consumer’s expectations.

On June 2 certain areas in Jajmau securing supply through the Pokharpur feeder faced massive power failure. The supply stopped at 7 am and it was restored after 5 pm. The consumers kept on complaining the faults attending employees but they did not appear to attend on time. The humidity was unbearable so the residents were cursing the sub-station officials for the faults.

Frequent faults and inconsistent voltage create not only water problem but also develop defects into electricity-operated gadgets owing to the voltage fluctuations. As a result, the consumers endure double burden while the authorities concerned overlook these valid problems of the consumers.

Electricity is a necessity and its failure disturbs several routine works. Power consumption and the mobile usage are similar. Just as a mobile turns inoperative, the user remains restless till servicing. One user told that he felt as if his acquaintances were admitted in ICU after surrendering the cell at the service centre. In the same way, the life without electricity becomes akin to fish without water. One mother of a little son said that her Sunday plan spoiled because of ten-hour power disruption in her area of residence.

If the low-frequency tremor terrorises the residents to come out of the buildings, the sudden stoppage of power supply forces the dwellers to leave their respective homes for protection from hot and humid conditions. They are found collecting on the roadside. A very peculiar sight comes into view which is really pathetic.