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Noida police to legitimize wrong-side driving

05, Jan 2014 By Jagg-Soona Laage

Noida, UP: In an unprecedented move, Noida Traffic Police today announced that it would legalize wrong-side driving.

Wrong-side driving
Your bike, your wish.

From  February 1, 2014, there won’t be anything called wrong-side driving in Noida. It would just be left-side driving or right-side driving.

Our sources in the police department said – “It’s impossible for us to control which side of the road people drive here. Every motorist wants to take the shortest route from point A to point B. So legalizing it was the only way out.”

Mr. Khan, a constable at sector 12 T-point also welcomed the move. He said – “Motorists driving on the wrong side got away by paying just Rs. 20 and they also took the longest time to negotiate, always trying to justify their driving on the wrong side. Now we can focus on the big fish.”

Faking News tried stopping some passing cars and motorcyclists driving on the wrong side for comments but no one stopped.