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Nobel Prize for Laughter from next year: Nobel Commitee asks for nominations

12, Oct 2014 By khakshar

After much Deliberations The Norwegian Nobel committee has realized the value of Laughter in life of Humankind, it will be awarding Nobel Prize for Fun. This award will given from 2014 on wards . Nomination process has been initiated. The criteria is for making millions smile, laugh.Unfortunately TV program and  Journals can’t be nominated for the coveted prize. The committee has thus  barred your’s faithfully FN to be nominated.

Much behind the scene activity has started in the subcontinent . The Nobel committee has taken note of our popularity and authorized Pagla Patrakar as sole agent for nomination. In an chit-chat with the correspondent , the editor was in process of preparing the list. Two political party  scions across the border seem to have made the cut. Two seeking alternative politics in sub-continent are also in the fray. A certain spell bee  Master of neo-political party of India met Pagla Patrakar at a TV debate and pursued  for nominating him too. Seeing the Spell-bee -Master’s command on language , Our editor asked the ex-TV Anchor to get himself nominated in Nobel-Literature  category .

Meanwhile it has come to notice that the second most nominated person for Nobel Peace Prize was President of a political Party of India. An organization by name of  Awakening  Forum  had proposed her name directly to Chairman ,Nobel Committee 10 times. It’s another matter that such proposals  don’t  even make to screening committee. It seems  the proposal act was to impress and extract much after impression. It’s now learnt  the forum  has been entrusted of Awakening of some Prodigal sons after the change of power in Delhi and Islamabad.

Meanwhile in Isloo (as our sections of  Indian Media calls Islamabad with love) , the Ex-President is contemplating a percentage formula so that his son gets the first “Nobel Prize for Laughter”. Employees are Journalist of FN has submitted a memorandum to Editor Pagla Patrakar for sharing of the booty from across the Border.