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No raksha bandhan celebration in a Haryana village with super low sex ratio

20, Aug 2013 By idiot420

While boys around country scared of getting tied a rakhi are avoiding roaming around girls on raksha bandhan, there is a village Haryana, BinFemaleGarh, where the reverse is happening.

Villagers of BinFemaleGarh.
Villagers of BinFemaleGarh.

Raksha bandhan is almost meaningless for BinFemaleGarh because of it’s super low sex ratio. Even on this festive day, gloominess can be easily spotted on every face you come across, and not to surprise – most of the faces will be of man.

It’s the long tradition of preference of male child which finally resulted into this fiasco. Gravity of situation can be gauged by the fact that villagers are planning to outsource the tradition of tying rakhi to nearby villages with a comparatively better female count.

But even the nearby villages refused to accept this business proposal by citing another reason. They said that if their girls are going to tie rakhi to boys of other villages, then where will they get married. Mukhiya of BinFemaleGarh tried to appease them by offering more generous raksha bandhan gifts, but all went in vain.

While visiting BinFemaleGarh we came across a family where an eight year old boy upset of having no sister was on indefinite fast. Finally he agreed to eat only after his father promised him a sister by next year raksha bandhan. “We are trying to cheer up children by showing them movies based on raksha bandhan,” said the boy’s father while tying a rakhi around his wrist, “Here you can easily find men tying rakhi to other men, raksha bandhan is almost equivalent to friendship day in our village.“

“See these lucky bastards, how fortunate they are to be in a fantasy land where they have to run away from girls to avoid getting a rakhi. Are such places there on earth? Yaar yahan to raakhi bandhwane ke liye koi nai mil rahi,” said a dude from village while scrolling down news feed of his Facebook account, “It’s like some people are dying of hunger while others are dieting.”

Some desperate villagers were visiting nearby town, where they were spotted hovering around women hostels. Initially police forcibly drove them away thinking they were there to tease girls, but later allowed them after knowing their actual intentions and seeing rakhi in their hands.

But khap leaders are still not giving a damn about the issue. Explaining the positive side of low sex ratio, one of Khap member said, “Now that there are only few girls in village, the possibility is high that they will be tying rakhi to other boys in village. So this way cases of affair between boy and girl of same village will certainly decline.”