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No need to be blushed on this Diwali

27, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When the festival of Dussehra is just round the corner, the Diwali, the festival of lights is certainly not far behind. Hence, there is running an important public note in relation with the unique traditional luminosity celebration for one and all. The very notice makes the public fully aware of the risky uncertain cost or the consequences if obligatory precautions are timely taken. Exceedingly special information is one way or another directly is not disparate with the indigenous expression ‘diwala’ which is commonly brought in use during this very auspicious time.

The notification was written thus: Kindly follow essential steps in the removal of the boyfriend’s or the girl friend’s respective hidden photos or chits or gifts from the concealed spots necessarily just now otherwise something unpleasant or worse might occur before the advent of the festival. In case of recovery of these priceless articles or things, the repulsion of either the parents or the ever doubtful couples might unleash at any time. These objects can be recovered while pre-festival cleanliness drives of the whole house. Such exercise is usually undertaken at the time of the ensuing festival.

Panicked with this general information or the warning the youths are busy nowadays in doing away with such kind of unnecessary though precious things from the selected safer spots in their respective homes. They really do not want to be caught red-handed and afterwards ashamed of this grave imperfect deed. They know in their minds of the bad outcome of this overconfidence when the firecrackers will be bursting outside with their faces turning out to be pale or red in dishonour and disgrace. That’s why they have been warned prior to the festival through dependable method so that every face would glitter with the same way as the ordinary Phuljhari burns with multi-coloured bright sparkles.