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No gifts to exchange this Diwali since nobody is in the mood to gift anybody anything

01, Nov 2013 By Prateek Shah

Revelers are in for a rude shock this Diwali. For years, everybody had conveniently been passing on gifts they received from others to other friends of theirs.

But this year’s different. Thanks to everybody having spent all their money on fancy phones, costly cars and larger than life home loans, people are practically left with no extra money to spend on something as unimportant as Diwali presents.

Says Mr Chopra from Delhi “For years, we used to spend a lot of money on Diwali, since it used to be a symbol of prestige and show off. But these days, nobody bothers what you do on Diwali, all people care about is what car you drive, the phone you own and how fancy if your home.

Having cut down on Diwali expenses, we have decided to cut down on the gifts we give to others as well.” But the average middle class person who has to rely on the Mr Chopras for the gifts they give to others is suffering big time. Says Aam Kanjoos Aadmi “Every year, we start getting gifts a few days prior to Diwali, and decide our gifting budget according to it. This year has been rather shocking for us, with almost nobody having sent us any gifts, not even the pathetic and useless dry fruits box. We wonder what will we gift others this season.”

Is this the beginning of an end to the gifting culture around Diwali? Well that is something only time can tell. For now we can only hope that people celebrate a Happy Diwala, err, we mean Diwali.