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No Fufa to be allowed to enter any high profile marriage : Marwari Marriage Association

06, Jun 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Marwari Marriage Association (MMA) has asked the nation’s army to take strict military action against any “Fufa” entering any high profile marriage. As per MMA, “A Fufa in any high profile marriage is the main reason for quarrel during marriage ceremony. They should be strictly banned from entering into any high profile marriage.”

Currently, when the marriage season is at its peak, many Fufas have applied for “Minority status for marriage” with MMA. (Fufas who are Gurjars are double excited with this.)

Fufas have apparently such a look on their faces during weddings

This all started at 22:00 PM IST on 5th June during one “Sangeet programme” in a marriage (Sangeet programme’s budget was lower than the number of rape cases pending with the courts) when a 55 year young Fufa was trying to flirt with a 23 years old lady announcer.

Mahro dhani biji choriyo ni pachad pade hai. Maar daalo, aree manne nai mara dhani ne,” said Fufa’s angry wife on that incident. Initial investigations suggested that the announcer from Delhi had wore a very sexy chaniya choli and on looking at her, Fufa’s something popped up and he could not control himself and so he went up on stage and narrated, “Sonam ki aankhen hai bahut hi nirali, uske hoonth hai jaise gulab ki pankhudi, kamar jaise matakti paani ki boond, bhagwan ne banaya hai use sirf mere hi liye.”

This dialogue from Fufaji created an atmosphere of “Lok Sabha” in the auditorium, crowd were in a state of 440 volts shock. Bride slapped the groom and said, “You have never praised me like this my sweet swami”. Fufa’s wife fainted, invitees started leaving the hall but still Fufaji was not ready to leave the stage. “Yes kalwani fufa did tried to flirt with me but I have no issues with that as kalwani fufa has interpreted my body so very well,” said the announcer Sonam.

Our reporters were able to get in touch with kalwani fufa who said, “Any person who is hungry because of drought will surely run behind sweet shop on looking at it. It is the mistake of the organizers who kept such beautiful host. Other people in audience also had to adjust their pants on looking at her, but the only difference is that I said what I wanted to on stage and they did what they wanted to in washrooms. LOL.”

However, MMA reached the spot to take care of the situation, handled the marriage ceremony till its end, but at the end decided to ban any Fufa from entering any high profile marriage.