Thursday, 26th April, 2018

No fly list rules to hold flight fight

09, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: With the Centre fresh set of rules for the air passengers, it has been made clear that they cannot be mischief maker during the flight. The air travel definitely requires some kind of civility among the passengers. Such tendency is not usually seen in the bus journey or the train trip. The passengers show a different type of behaviour during the course of their journey by rail or road. The passengers must be sincere, polite and well-mannered. If their behaviour turns sour, there will be put two years’ ban on them in accordance with the latest rule.

The passengers cannot be allowed to behave like a monkey with making public first ever no fly list guidelines. This has been aimed at safety and security of the passengers which is obviously the vital concern of the civil aviation. The passengers can be banned upon levels of their misbehaviour. The aeroplane flying high in the blue sky requires calm and cool passengers that’s why the three levels of misconduct have been defined by the authorities concerned. Unruly physical gestures, verbal nuisance and disorderly inebriation will cause punishment up to three months. This is the minimum penalty for the travelling passenger.

With this instructive rule, the passengers would be disciplined against their wrong behaviour. This will send a message of fear among them. They will have to think thrice before becoming unruly or rowdy. The authorities concerned might be influenced by the moral science which goaded them to implement certain defined rules in order to be humble, humane and meek. The road journey can be boisterous or noisy. Hence the fights are being cleaned from useless fights. We used to hear of the Dutch airlines allowing passengers in three-piece suits for travel but a certain level of corrective steps are being brought about at present.