Monday, 19th February, 2018

No cold water at central platforms

23, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What disturb the passengers most at the Central railway station are inoperative cold drinking water machines. When the temperature surges beyond the limit, the hapless passengers are compelled to swallow hot drinking water amid this very fact that the railway employees were getting the benefit of the cold drinking water. The defunct water machine meant for the railways’ staff at the first floor had been properly repaired almost one month ago. Is it the image of the railway station that is on trial to be a world class station?

Only tall talks continue while the passengers are even deprived of the basic facility of cold drinking water in this hot summer. Every platform is equipped with cold water machines but there is no cold water to drink. There are as many as ten platforms on the railway station. First three platforms are furnished with three machines each and another five platforms find two machines each while one cold water machine has been set up at platform no. 10. Therefore, a total of thirteen machines has been provided. Even then the passengers are not able to drink the colder water.

The reason behind this is out of order machines. The attention has been given to repair all these defunct cold water machines. The authorities concerned are so callous and unsympathetic. Not only one machine but every machine is lying defunct at different platforms. The passengers feel uneasiness in such a situation. They even raise demand for repairing of the useless machines. Meanwhile, Gaurav Krishna Bansal, Chief Public Relations Officer, North Central Railways opines that in the case of the increased consumption of the cold water, the cooling machines falls short of its cooling capacity. If there is any discrepancy, it will be looked into.

What is often alleged is that the water supply is slowed down at the platforms in order to coerce the thirsty passengers for buying the packed water bottles. Even the existing water ATM machine operators see the hidden benefit in inoperative water cooling machines, it is alleged. What a different situation persists! Vendors are said to be stealthily zipping despite the presence of the railways alert officials.