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Nitish Kumar bans dhokla-khakhra, plans blocking roads and rails from Gujarat

01, Sep 2013 By Baawra Chhora

After having not allowed farmers from Bihar to join a workshop in Gujarat , Nitish Kumar it seems has come up with unprecedented measures to show his discontent with the Gujarat chief minister.

He has banned selling, stocking and preparing of dhoklas and khakhras to protest against the Gujarat government. Khakra and dhokla producers of Gujrat have surprisingly welcomed this move.

Nitish in his
Nitish in his “Karara jawaab diya jaeyega” pose.

“We were anyway planning to close our factories and become subsidiaries of jassuben ke Pizza but with this announcement we are really happy because now Bihar govt has promised to buy all the khakhras and dhoklas left in the stock” said dhokra bhai patel, the secretary of dhokla-khakhra association.

According to latest piece, they shall open a subsidiary as “jassuben ke pi-jha” in Patna and Gaya.

If you think this is all, it isn’t as CM announced to block all national highways coming to Bihar for Gujarat. When reminded that there was no such highway, Nitish Kumar said, JDU would collect 250gms of concrete from each village panchayat so that such a road could be constructed and then blocked to protest against the “communal” forces.

Some of the sarpanch when asked about their willingness to this donation looked puzzled.  According to a panch ,”even the concrete meant for Pakka chabutara for village panchayat was put toward covering the naali and encroachment outside the local gunda leader’s bungalow and there is no way we could contribute 250mg let alone 250gm of concrete.”

It seems railway hasn’t been spared either and the JDU strongman has asked railway ministry to reroute all trains originating from Gandhinagar and passing through Bihar.

Our gupt- sutra found the request to have been rejected citing the enormous number of self-made railway stations which would go useless once the trains are rerouted. Reportedly, in order to achieve this (bypass) the Minister for planning in Bihar had been in talks with hyperloop creator, Elon Musk to launch his idea in Bihar.

Once told that the hyperloop trains would anyway travel through pillars made on land and would not fly in air, (otherwise they would be called aeroplanes) the minister was quite frustrated. After the discussion, Musk was found cursing hyperloop, regretting that he ever created it and has questioned the general knowledge level of the minister.

He has decided to have no more talks about the project with any Indian, disappointing the IIPM chief who had planned to think beyond bullet train and construct hyperloop from nearest airport to IIPM campus.