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Nike shoes at Rs. 300; MD of Nike International has decided to resign from his job and start his own Street Cart

28, May 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

Fashion Street, Mumbai. It all started when the sales of Nike International was gradually diminishing from Indian markets, MD of Nike decided to make a secret visit to Mumbai to review the reason of such a big U-turn of its sales (This U-turn was even faster than the “FEKU Govt.’s” U-turn regarding Black-money bill as he closely follows U-Turn Guru Kejriwal).

“I was watching shaved chested Anil Kapoor’s Nayak-2, in which he said that in India, today everyone is wearing shoes of Nike. I was very happy to hear that we have been able to strike a chord in Indian people’s heart. But when I reviewed India’s segment sales in my financial statement, I was horrified to see that the sales were lesser than Bino Morea’s bank balance. (Data cannot be revealed) And so I have decided to make a secret visit to Mumbai to review the reason behind it”, said the MD of Nike in a special interview with our reporter.

He reached Mumbai and decided to start his survey from public toilets. He went in and saw that the public toilets were as clean as any politician’s image in our country. Also he saw many creative lines written and many creative sketches on the walls of the toilet. Someone told him that if your boss harass you or your girlfriend ditches you, this is the best place to show your creative skills in writing and drawing. However he got more amazed to see that every person coming in had worn Nike shoes. He asked a man that he wanted one, he told him to purchase it from fashion street.

He boarded a Virar-Churchgate local train. Somehow, he managed to get in. Train was so packed that he could not even see his half body. In between, he felt itching between two legs and so he rubbed it hard, but suddenly his neighbor said, “apna apna khujao (Rub your own)”. He ignored that incident when he saw in train also everyone wore Nike shoes. “I don’t know why are our sales going down when here everyone wears Nike?” asked to our reporter who was traveling with him.

He reached Churchgate and thanked god as he reached there safely. He went straight to fashion street. He saw each and every vendor were selling Nike shoes for just Rs. 300/-. More shock was added when he saw that even BMW and Mercedez owners purchasing stuff from that area. One vendor also had a scheme of free 5 pairs of Nike socks  with a pair of shoes. What he found most interesting was the marketing skills of the vendors better than many advertising agencies.

He immediately said, “I am resigning from the post of MD of Nike International and I have decided to start my own street shop here itself as I thing I have noticed in last 2 days is that Indians love their country very much. Even if they abuse their country, their traffic, corruption, pollution, population, caste system, politics, double standard etc. but they know how to be happy and stay satisfied.”