Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Nihaal Singh appointed as officer to bring back Vijay Mallya

08, Apr 2017 By Vipul Bishnoi

New Delhi: Nihaal Singh has been appointed as officer in charge to bring back Vijay Mallya. After many diplomatic efforts by government of india, now Modi has changed the approach.

Businessman Vijay Mallya, who is wanted in India for Rs 9,000 crore loan default. He is absconding since last year. He is has found asylum in United Kingdom. India is putting all powers to to bring back Vijay Mallya.

Nihaal Singh has been an extraordinary officer. Nihaal Singh was assigned to arrest a serial criminal Romeo in 2005. Working in coalition with US security agencies Nihaal Singh finally brought the Romeo Back to his Village.

After the news spread Vijay Mallya has specified that as he is much heavier in weight than Romeo, Nihaal Singh can never take him on the boat. Meanwhile Azam Khan has stated that the functioning of Modi government is not secular. He raised, why not such intelligent officers were assigned to bring back Azam Khan’s buffaloes.

Last year Azam Khan’s buffaloes gone missing. After that, UP police officers were appointed. But they took long time to find buffaloes. Nihaal Singh has assured PM Modi to safely bring back Vijay Mallya.